5 Things To Avoid When Looking For A Montverde Home Builder

Aug 28, 2023 | News

When searching for the ideal builder for your custom home, several critical things come into play. It’s important to identify a contractor who not only understands your style but also excels in communication, boasts a fantastic reputation, and has extensive experience. This is where someone like Katie Dodd, a seasoned Montverde Realtor, can provide valuable insights. A

She has some experience working with builders and below, we highlight the most common pitfalls to avoid when selecting a custom home builder:

Avoid Requesting Quotes Based on Square Footage Many building companies resort to deceptive advertising to attract new clients, promising homes at unrealistically low costs per square foot. The truth is that each custom home is a unique creation with distinct features and floor plans. Variables such as the number of bathrooms or stories, larger kitchens, and finished basements impact the final cost. Trustworthy contractors cannot predict the exact cost per square foot as they must account for these variations. Starting a professional relationship with such a misleading promise is counterproductive.

Don’t Settle for Limited References Experience matters. References from past projects offer valuable insights into a builder’s work, customer service, craftsmanship, and problem-solving capabilities. Beware of builders who provide only a handful of references. This may indicate a lack of pride in their previous work or disregard for your research process. A reputable custom builder should be able to furnish a substantial list of references, including both recent and older ones, showcasing both current practices and the enduring quality of their work.

Thoroughly Question References When contacting references, opt for open-ended questions that delve deeply into the customer’s experience. Seek insights into aspects such as punctuality, communication, and post-construction support. Inquire about challenges faced during the project and the builder’s approach to addressing them. These interactions will offer a well-rounded understanding of the builder’s strengths and weaknesses.

Compatibility Is Key Select a builder whose team you can envision collaborating with over the long term. The home-building process, spanning planning to post-construction support, can extend for a year or more. Establishing a comfortable rapport with your builder is crucial throughout this period. Effective communication entails shared understanding and alignment of your vision, devoid of personal biases from the builder.

Prioritize Strong Communication Skills Responsive communication is pivotal. If you experience prolonged delays in receiving responses, it may indicate a poor fit with your chosen builder. Builders should be directly accessible through their cell phones and should have a designated point person for communication. This ensures direct interaction with a managerial-level individual who possesses the authority to address your queries promptly.