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Discover the hidden jewel of Florida, Sugarloaf Mountain! Located on the western shore of Lake Apopka, it’s a ridge of rolling dome-like peaks that rise 312 feet above sea level and tower over nearby Britton Hill as its most prominent peak. Suppose you love outdoor activities like biking and cycling. In that case, this is your best destination with sprawling farms to explore along the Green Mountain Scenic Byway that offers breathtaking views perfect for weekend getaways.

No wonder people are talking about it, there’s so much fun nearby such as Lakeridge Winery located just miles away producing delicious wines in glorious surroundings or historical landmarks and ecological preserves. This area even enchants those looking to relocate. You’ll definitely appreciate those laidback days when all you want is peace amongst nature away from work while still surrounded by endless possibilities. This is what Sugarloaf Mountain real estate can offer whether you want to buy or sell!

Katie Dodd is a knowledgeable Sugarloaf Mountain realtor and she is here if you’re looking for property nearby. Whether you want to buy a Sugarloaf Mountain home or sell a Sugarloaf Mountain home, the residential community consists mostly of locals looking for an easy quiet life enjoying nature during picnics without unnecessary hassle. Don’t miss out on experiencing one of Florida’s greatest hidden treasures firsthand, make sure you get started today by connecting with Katie now!

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Our goal is to ensure that your search for a new home in Sugarloaf Mountain, Florida is a tension-free and satisfying experience. With our extensive real estate knowledge, you can trust that we will help you find homes that meet your needs and budget. Let us guide you through the buying process and help you secure your next dream home.

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We are dedicated to aggressively marketing your Sugarloaf Mountain, Florida home to ensure a quick sale. We aim to put you in the strongest possible negotiating position, making the selling process easier. We will achieve your goal of selling your Sugarloaf Mountain home for the best price, with expert marketing and strong negotiation skills.

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